affonso uchoa , joão dumans

Rotterdam International Film Festival
BFI London Film Festival
Festival du Cinéma Brésilien de Paris

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André is a young resident of Vila Operária, a neighborhood next to an old aluminum factory, in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais. One day he finds a notebook that belongs to one of the factory workers, Cristiano. Curiosity awakened, the young man begins to read. As a fable, the film splits and plunges into the story of Cristiano's life. What we see and hear is the epic story of a common life - the life of a worker whose suffering and happiness reveal a dark side of Brazil's social and economic development in the last ten years.

Category : Movies
Genre : drama
Video quality : Excellent HD
Runtime : 01:36
Audience : All audiences
Available in : OV
Subtitles : en fr es it ru de pt
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