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josé joffily , pedro rossi

It's All True
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André Câmara is a 45-year old Brazilian photographer who's been living in London for 20 years. 87-year-old Maria do Socorro left for the US 25 years ago to follow her son, Fernando. Both André and Maria wish to return to live in Brazil. In this attempt, difficulties boil up in André's journey as he faces a need to reconnect both emotionally and professionally. Neither has any idea of what kind of country lies ahead after more than two decades away from it. The place they fled from is no longer the same one they left behind. Between emigration and a return to their roots, they will have to forge a new identity.

Genre : documentary
Video quality : Excellent HD
Runtime : 01:16
Audience : All audiences
Maturity Ratings : 12
Available in : OV
Subtitles : fr
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