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In 1997, four friends are going through a time of discoveries as they reach the peak of adolescence and their hormones start to take over. We witness this story from the point of view of Renato, a shy 15 year-old boy. Along with his friends Moreira, Alemão and Pilha, he comes upon the first doubts and anxieties of youth. And their main goal is to lose their virginity. The agreed solution is to hire the services of a professional, but for that, they’ll need money. As they struggle with schoolwork and their first crushes, the four boys try to gather enough money to fulfill their goal and finally become adults. Along the way, they will discover something that can’t be taught in school books or men’s magazines: the value of true friendship.

Category : Movies
Genre : comedy
Video quality : Excellent HD
Runtime : 01:34
Audience : All audiences
Maturity Ratings : 12
Available in : OV with English subtitles
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