About us

Jangada is a name related to Brazilian cultural roots, it is a typical fishing boat of the region of Northeast Brazil. An entire program…

Jangada VoD is an online streaming platform offering European Internet users movies that highlight Brazil and its rich film production. Despite an annual production of about 160 works of fiction and documentary, Brazilian cinema remains unrecognized and inaccessible to the foreign public. In France, country where Jangada was born, barely 10% of this production is released in cinemas, and the rare films broadcast on the big screen are very short on the bill.

Jangada VoD therefore wishes to build an eclectic and representative catalog of the potential of Brazilian cinema, also bringing together Euro-Brazilian co-productions and European films that focus on Brazil.

A catalog that aims to reach a wide audience, with the promise of entertaining and thinking, shocking and moving, but above all, showing on the screen the different faces of a single Brazil.

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