Let it burn

Diz à ela que me viu chorar


maíra bühler

Cinéma du Réel
True/False Film Festival

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Downtown São Paulo, Brazil. An Apartment Building: 7 floors, 28 rooms, 107 residents who all have in common the addiction to crack. Over the course of several months, life in a social housing – part of a city hall “damage reduction” program about to be extinguished – is revealed. Characters on a hallucinated hunt for bonding and fighting passionately for life can be seen as the camera drifts through hallways, rooms, elevators, stairs; day and night. In this claustrophobic place, anything can happen.

Category : Movies
Genre : documentary
Video quality : Excellent HD
Runtime : 01:25
Audience : All audiences
Available in : OV
Subtitles : en fr es
Director : maíra bühler
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