Boy 23

Menino 23: Infâncias perdidas no Brasil


belisario franca

Festival international du Film Black de Montréal
Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro
Festival du Cinéma Brésilien de Paris
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Forced labor, imprisonment, stolen childhoods. On a ranch at Campina do Monte Alegre, upstate São Paulo, fifty orphans between nine and twelve years old lived in semi-slavery under the aegis of Brazilian Law. In the BOY 23 documentary, the memories of the last few survivors reveal the horrors of a little-known episode in the history of Brazil, with the clearest expression of support for Nazism outside Germany.

Genre : documentary
Video quality : Excellent HD
Runtime : 01:20
Audience : All audiences
Maturity Ratings : 12
Available in : OV
Subtitles : fr
Director : belisario franca
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