Faces of Harassment

Precisamos Falar do Assédio


paula sacchetta

Festival de Brasília
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Every woman has been a victim of sexual harassment, regardless of her cultural, social or economic background. To support such statement, on Women's Week a studio-van was parked at different locations across both rich and poor neighbourhoods of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The studio-van was made available to any woman who felt like sharing her story. Once inside, they were left to themselves and were free to give their testimonies to the camera without the influence of an interviewer. We see moments of release, intimacy and sometimes the opportunity to speak about the incidents for the first time.

Genre : documentary
Video quality : Excellent HD
Runtime : 01:20
Audience : All audiences
Maturity Ratings : 12
Available in : OV
Subtitles : fr en es
Director : paula sacchetta
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